Saturday, January 29, 2011

"You Are SO DUMB, Spell-Check!"

The title is a quote from Jim Gaffigan, talking about how sometimes the spell/grammar check in MS Word doesn't understand what you're saying.

However, this is an exceptional occurrence. Especially with the spell-check, and especially with the most up to date version of Word.

Some people think it's cheap to rely on spelling and grammar check, but I passionately disagree. The best learning experiences are authentic learning experiences. This means the best way to learn about writing is to write and make mistakes. Spelling and grammar check provide real time feedback, allowing you to be aware of and make mental adjustments immediately AND in the context that you will be in the next time you need to call upon the knowledge.

The absence of red and green squiggles under your text is like a reward system. If you're subconsciously keeping tally of how many squiggles you need to go back and correct, then your "score" should improve every time you write.

"-type-type-type-type-type-type-[space]....... No squiggle on that one! All right!!!"

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