Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Diode for Life

I was recently excited to find a website where I was able to buy hundreds of electrical components for around $10. I plan on building new and modifying old musical equipment. This is a hobby that I've picked up over the last year or so- almost to the point of obsession. I've read many books on understanding electrical current, reading schematics, and building devices. My head is filled with knowledge of polarity, resistors, solder, ground loops (and how to avoid them), electromagnetic fields, etc. I have burnt my fingers on soldering irons, cut my thumb stripping wires, and scraped my hands destroying an old xbox- harvesting its heat sinks.

Why the sudden obsession? Well the obvious reason is simply because its cool. But maybe there's more to my obsession. Maybe it's projection. Maybe I want so badly to be able to fix a different kind of circuitry- I am so helpless and lost- that I need to master a different kind of circuitry to save myself from being consumed by aching inertness.

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