Sunday, November 28, 2010

"bunch of savages in this town..."

my own mistakes: the door that keeps it in the attic
but diplomacy's the stone that crushed the diplomatic
i try to do it right by leaving out all of my spare
but the wrong ones get there first while holding on to their own share

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Truth Vs. Vindication

why do we study? why do we read?
what are we hungry for?
we all claim for TRUTH
but is this accurate?

do we seek sources to enlighten ourselves
or are we more frequently seeking evidence;
proof of the things we already believe to be true

are we edifying ourselves
or adding mortar to our walls

are we looking to solidify our God-given cognitive place among humanity
or are we constantly preparing for the inevitable debate

an open mind is NOT instinctive
yet we are all capable
it is our duty to achieve it
if you have not struggled to obtain it
you simply do not have it.