Sunday, January 9, 2011

Surveying the Dig

This past year, I have forgiven more than I have gotten to thank. My support was sufficient, but my offenders were abundant. I am slow to anger and slow to wrath, but unfortunately, once I get there, I'm quick to speak. Not necessarily to those whom my criticisms are directed, but to those who could be negatively influenced; possibly, in this minutely circulated blog.

Regardless of the extremes of the offenses, I always seem able to forgive- at some point. The Bible tells us that (I'm paraphrasing) if we want God to forgive us, then we must first forgive those who have offended us, no matter what they have done to us. I'm going to forgo the discussion on the association 'forgive' has with 'forget' and 'reconcile'. I'm just talking about 'forgiving', which to me means unclenching the fist that has formed around my heart.

Today is the first time I realized why. The only way I can appreciate all that the Lord has gone through in forgiving me is to do so myself. It's quite a deep understatement to say that I have created some offenses myself. Most obviously to humanity, but secretly against God. But, God knows. And, God forgives.

This past year, I have forgiven more than I have gotten to thank. Perhaps this is God revealing to me a bit more about what he meant when he said that man was created in his own image.

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