Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Serendipitous Juxtaposition

It's amazing how something, by chance, can cross your path and say so simply and succinctly something that you've been laboring to articulate.

The book "Blink" talks about an "intuitive repulsion" that occurs in our subconscious when we see something that isn't quite right way before we can figure out what isn't right about it. Though I am a technology utilizer and connoisseur, I feel an "intuitive repulsion" when considering the presence of, and reliance on technology in our society. (I'm sure this is a major factor as to why I love OK Computer as much as I do; it contains subtle yet obvious undertones implying Thom York's similar feelings.)

I do not consider myself a Deist or a Transcendentalist, but I DO believe that evidence of God exists in nature. There are patterns and order- even in what appears to be chaos. There is nothing "random" except (arguably) the circumstances created by the free will of humans.

I write songs and poems and journal entries, trying to find words that will resonate with the significance of the correlation between the previous two ideas (unsuccessfully.) Then, today, a photo emerges on gizmodo:

This is a real night sky in Perth, Australia. A serendipitous juxtaposition. (Some photo details unclear due to Blogger's compression.) Clear skies aligned with a storm. A man made light show competing with God's. The most significant part of this photo: man's show is winning. Not one head is turned to acknowledge the lightning. The artificial bursts of color that, more or less, agree with their backdrop are trumping the sharp contrast of pure white against grayish-dark-blue uncertainty.

I realize that, in reality, this captured instance of lightning may have been the very first of the storm; the crowd may not yet have had time to react to it. However, this isolated moment says everything I've ever wanted to say about my "intuitive repulsion" about our silicon culture.

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