Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An Open Letter to the People Hidden from My Mini-Feed

Dearest Self-Indulgers,

Your passive-aggressive narcissism is a double edged sword that I must fall upon.

For me to cut our ties would instill a rage in you. A rage formed of delusion and catalyzed by entitlement. My sanity in the foreseeable future would be monopolized by an onslaught of politics and drama. These confrontations would come from as many as 3 degrees of separation from the center of your web. Each topic will have been spun out of control by your unforgiving gravitational pull.

For me to voluntarily inhale while standing in close proximity to your sarin plant is spiritual suicide.

Facebook has (unintentionally) softened the word 'friend'. Though its definition has always been subjective, it has generally been used to label people (or dogs) with whom you share a closeness. The range of use went from trust-worthy soul mates, to bumbling knuckleheads who always return your phone calls.

The range of the word 'friend' has now been extended. Through the land of acquaintanceship and into the heart of loathsome banes.

As a genuine person with genuine interests, it is easy for me to identify my antithesis. Comments and posts about yourself pointing out 'subtle' things about yourself that you're afraid we might miss.

I'll stop here out of fear of being accused of hypocrisy. I will leave you with this thought: There is a difference between trying to spark a conversation and trying to spark a conversation about yourself.

Thank you.

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