Thursday, October 21, 2010

not a second...

of my life is a waste.

the mistakes and hardships. none of it.

i've always sought understanding and given to merited concession in my adversity.
whether it was self imposed or preordained.

it's a cliche parallel, but my story is a dynamic one BECAUSE of my lust for growth.
every 3-5 years of my life brings a clear page break. a demarcation of a new life. a new experience. a new chapter.

this has been possible because i have ALWAYS submitted myself to the philosophy that i know nothing. at no point is this untrue for anyone.

every mistake: a humbling.
every tragedy: a right of passage.

childhood and adulthood are east and west.
the border between them is blurry and wide.
so wide, that we spend the majority, if not the entirety of our lives
swimming in it.
always believing we are pressing towards the coast of maturity, but inevitably taking miscalculated turns of humanity in human proportions.

the awareness of this venture is the narrow way to progress.

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