Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Call Me! ...ishmeal

I'm currently researching the brief, but very significant friendship between Herman Melville and Nathanial Hawthorne. Though many authors throughout history have been friends or acquaintances with their contemporaries, this one was uniquely significant.

Their friendship was abnormally intimate (no, not like that) as Melville claimed that finally he had "found the soul mate for whom I have been yearning." This was for a number of reasons: their views on the nature of man, their love of the sea, and the fact that they had both lost their fathers at a young age are points of particular relevance.

Their friendship lasted a meager two years, but in that time, they collectively composed five of their most important works, including The Scarlet Letter and Moby Dick. There is very convincing evidence that these writings being accomplished at the same time as their friendship was NOT a coincidence.

To Melville and Hawthorne! Arguably the greatest bromance in all of literature.

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