Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hate for Baseball #1

Don't get me wrong, I respect the sport of baseball, but many people who love it try to proclaim its superiority over hockey. I'm am going to start logging reasons baseball is stupid so I remember them when these ridiculous conversations ensue:

Reason #1: Sammy Sosa, one of baseball's most recognizable names, once had to leave a game due to injury. The injury? Pulled back muscles from sneezing too hard in the dugout.

Reason #2: Babe Ruth, arguably the greatest baseball legend of all time, was an overweight, chain-smoking, drunkard. Possibly the only sports legend to be all of these things WHILE AT THE HEIGHT OF HIS "ATHLETIC" CAREER.

Reason #3: One of the game's greatest pastimes is the seventh inning stretch. So named because President Taft once stood up, stretched, and yawned during this break. This was the most interesting thing going on during the game? A man subconsciously expressing his boredom? I think it's also worth noting that President Taft, at 300 pounds, still holds the record for America's heaviest president.

more to come.

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